DepEd Official Statement: Speeding up the calendar shift

On speeding up the calendar shift

10 April 2024 - The gradual shift of the school calendar, as provided under Deped Order No. 3, was the result of extensive consultations held with field personnel, student leaders, parent organizations, and teacher organizations. The scheduled shift is a product of a consensus reached by various stakeholders.

The original proposal was a 5-year period  for the gradual reversion to the April-May break in order to ensure that learning outcomes and breaks would not be compromised. As a result of the mentioned consultations, however, the original timeline of 5 years was reduced to only 2 years. To reduce the timeline any further would have significant impacts not only on learning outcomes but also on the well-being of learners and teachers due to the lack of sufficient breaks.

It is already an established policy that schools may switch to Alternative Delivery Modes (ADM) in the event of man-made or natural disasters, including weather disturbances.

To date, 5,844 out of 47,678 public schools nationwide have switched to ADMs. The number clearly indicates that not all schools are similarly-situated. Hence, giving school heads — who are in the best position to accurately assess the learning environment on the ground — the  discretion to switch to ADMs provides a more immediate and effective response to heat conditions rather than knee-jerk changes that would further compromise learning recovery. 

Rest assured that DepEd is committed to improving the quality of basic education and will seek clarification from the President in relation to his recent pronouncements regarding the reversion upon his return from the Trilateral Summit.

Thank you.

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