Totoong dahilan ng pagre-resign ng isang public school teacher

Ang pagiging isang guro ay maituturing na hindi lamang propesyon kundi bokasyon dahil nakapaloob dito ang mga hindi matatawarang sakripisyo na kailangan gawin upang makapagbigyan ng isang daan porsiyentong serbisyon sa mga mag-aaral at sa bayan.

Pangkaraniwan na sa mga guro ang kaliwa't kanang trabaho na kung minsan ay nadadala pa nila sa bahay, dahilan upang matawag silang mga overworked na empleyado ng gobyerno.

Bukod dito, ay marami pang dahilan kung bakit ang ilan sa ating mga kaguruan ay mas pinipili pang magbitiw sa pwesto at humanap ng ibang career. Isa na nga dito si Ma'am Catalina Sotto na ilang taon na ang nakalilipas ay nag-resign sa kanyang posisyon bilang isang public high school teacher.

Ipinahayag din ni Ma'am Sotto ang mga totoong dahilan kung bakit napilitan siyang iwanan ang kanyang propesyon at sumubok ng ibang linya ng trabaho. Nakakalungkot mang basahin ngunit ito ang reyalidad ayon sa kanya.

Narito ang buong nilalaman ng kanyang open letter:

This is going to be the first and last time that I will talk about the real reason behind my resignation as a public school teacher

It is easier for me to let go of the job I am having for ten years, the job that I thought would lift my social status at least, the job I thought would help me improve my well being and develop my personality, the job that I thought would help children to change the world, the job I thought would make me survive in this complex world but it all goes the other way around.

There are two different reactions of people I encountered when they learned that I already left my teaching career. One is so happy, that I am already out of the stress zone and the other one is looking at me like I'm crazy already for letting go of something stable.

Why did I resign?

1. The job is killing me already, I have accumulated diseases over the years like laryngitis and cyst on my bladder due to continuous usage of my voice and an unhealthy lifestyle due to stress.

2. The job that is supposedly an already paperless work because of modernization becomes a more complicated work due to school records that needs to be transferred to soft copies.

3. I have been away from my sons for three years already and that is not making me a good mother.

4. Have been building my status as a coach for years, won contests and spent money from my own pocket for the sake of the contest but I woke up one day that I am already replaced, but needed my help to train the one who replaced me, won the contest and I ended up unrecognized.

5. It's so painful being a teacher but treated like I'm uneducated.

6. Can't stand the competition arising.

7. The system itself.

8. I'll never get rich, no leveraging, the compensation does not equal your workload. Too much work but underpaid.

9. You have a lot of bosses. Even your co- worker acts like one.

10. Spent money from my own pocket for teaching materials.

11. Loads of credits and loans.

12. I'm not happy anymore.

13. Stressful.

They say teaching is a noble profession, but I am not born to become the noblest person. I am a mother, a wife and a daughter. Let's all be practical. We all applied from work to earn a living, not to kill us. It's all about prestige, power and respect. I just want to live and be happy. These reasons are just some, I have not included yet the best reasons why I left. But to make things clear, I do love my co-teachers from the dept. and esp. my students.

I hope people would now understand why I gave up my profession and switch. IT'S MY CHOICE! IT'S MY LIFE!!

If somebody would hate me for this, it's up to you, which only means you have read it to the end...

Lam mo na...

Credits: Ma'am Catalina Sotto
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  1. sorry for that mam, may you find joy and fulfillment in your alternative career. God has a plan for everything maybe He is leading you to something.

  2. I am thinking that the Lord God prepared another plan for your life. Teaching is not the only job or career there are so many more.


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