PARTS OF SPEECH (Free Download)

Download for FREE this set of PARTS OF SPEECH materials which you can use in teaching the English subject. Simply click on the download link below the image to get your FREE AND DIRECT copy.

Using colorful instructional materials always gets a positive response from your class. Not only you acquire the attention of your learners but you also establish an engaging process of teaching and learning. That is why it is most recommended in all classes that instructional materials are always in place for much better delivery of lessons.

IMPORTANT: You MUST BE LOGGED IN to your GMAIL ACCOUNT to be able to download these materials. If you are a public school teacher, please use your DepEd Email to maximize its purpose.


NOTE: The materials are already organized in the MS Word Format for easier download and printing.

DISCLAIMER: We do not own these posted materials. We only share it for educational purposes and to help our fellow teachers in their teaching journey. Please do contact us if you are the rightful owner of these files for proper recognition or should you seek to remove it from this site.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Reading and Instructional Materials
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